Family Business

The Narrow Gate Hall


Deonyc is sitting at a table with a mug of tea and his supper.

Sehsis walks into the tavern along with Nasrin, he seems to be mid conversation with her, “-And before I forget, I should pay a visit to the harbour, see about chartering a ship to return home soon…”

Deonyc glances up at sehsis at the mention of his return, he nods to sehsis.

Nasrin had followed her uncle on along, listening with a growing grimace. “Perhaps, or perhaps send a letter along instead to see about ordering some more stock along.”

Sehsis frowns, “I have to visit my family you know…” he gives a polite nod to Deonyc but says nothing to him.

Nasrin offers Sehsis a smile. “Why not let the missus and your child come up and enjoy a holiday here? They have before, you know.” She follows his gaze and spots Deonyc, giving him a little wave.

Sehsis says slowly, “She has, he has not, it’s… I’m not sure how well one so young will travel and she hates the weather here”

Deonyc finishes his meal and brings his plate to the bar before returning, “How’s you two?”

You say, “Hm, well enough”

Nasrin says, “So do I, and I’m sure he will be just fine during the trip. It’ll be an experience,” she says brimming with positivity here. “I’m doing well today, thank you, Deonyc. How are you?”

You say, “I really do not think I could persuade her… Nasrin, are you going to be this difficult –

Deonyc has disconnected.

Deonyc glances at nasrin questioningly.

Nasrin folds her arms. “You know what your sister is like,” she says before wandering along to order herself a cup of tea.

Sehsis nods sympathetically, “I know she can be… Difficult, but surely you must want to return home”

Nasrin nods. “I shall write a letter and see how that goes,” she says.

Deonyc shrugs, “Im doing fine, exited for the festival and all you know.”

Nasrin asks, “That’s excellent; I can’t blame you one bit for that. Remind me when the festival is, again?”

Deonyc says, “Most likely this weekend starting on Friday and spilling over to saturday maybe.””

Sehsis frowns a little, “Ah. I’d forgotten about that..”

Nasrin asks, “Will you be attending, uncle?”

Sehsis sighs, “I could delay parting for another week I suppose..”

Deonyc asks, ” Your returning to carlomene sehsis?”

Sehsis gives a short nod, “I have to”

Sehsis frowns again, “And…I have just remembered I have forgotten to do something very important, Nasrin, I hope when we next discuss this topic you’ll be less difficult”

You walk into the Anteroom of the Narrow Gate.

Nasrin says, “I take it you have your own experiences there.”

Deonyc shrugs, “In a way yes.”

Sehsis walks back into the hall, walking towards Nasrin.

Nasrin asks, “Care to tell me?”

Deonyc sits up, “Aaah not really… sorry but its, well its personal.”

You say, “Well, that was that I suppose.”

Nasrin says, “I figured as much, but…” She turns upon hearing her uncle. “Hello uncle.”

Deonyc looks to sehsis, “Hello.”

You say, “Hello again.”

Deonyc leans back, “How come you are traveling back in the middle of summer?”

Sehsis orders himself some tea before answering the question, “Several reasons; buisiness does not stop merley due to the seasons, I still have new orders which now need fulfilling, secondly, i have a family you know. I cannot stay here all the time”

Deonyc nods, “It’s simply an inconvenience, im amazed how you even endure working away from your family.”

Sehsis grimaces a little, “I’ll admit, it’s not easy, but I’d started this before I had one and stopping now would mean a significant loss of income”

Nasrin asks, “Have you considered giving it up?”

Sehsis nods, “I had, but I prefer working for myself then I do working for my father, I still do of course when I’m home but this allows me more freedom to make my own decisions about how things should be ran, and of course, the extra income is welcome”

Deonyc looks a bit confused, “Why would you have to work for your Father in Tashbaan?”

You say, “Because this trade would not be one I can continue there, obviously, and he would not let me start by myself- I’d become competition if I did””

Nasrin says, “It’s overall better for us to keep the business within the family than split it up early and let others dominate the market.”

You say, “Exactly.”

Deonyc says, “Well if you would split up you would still work together, but I suppose its easier this way, not my trade anyways.””

Sehsis shakes his head, “You don’t know my father, he’d do everything in his power to sabotage me just to prove a point”

Nasrin says, “Grandfather can be lovely when he wants to, of course, but he is a stubborn and imperious figure.”

Deonyc shrugs, “Thats almost as bad as politics, your family buisness, no offense of course.”

Sehsis raises an eyebrow, “What do you know about politics”

Deonyc asks, “That they are annoying, similarly to how im guessing you find your father annoying for forcing you in a way to not be indipendant?”

Nasrin says, “Yes, it’s not a very pleasant thing to put up with at all. Is it, uncle?”

You exclaim, “Oh absolutley!”

Sehsis rolls his eyes, “Well what can be done?”

Deonyc nods, “You could simply undercut your father by monopolising resources through a middleman.”

Haft comes walking into the Hall of the Narrow Gate from the Anteroom.

Sehsis shakes his head slowly, “No, no that would never work, he is better connected than I am, besides, I really don’t want to start a trade war with my own father”

Nasrin nods in agreement. “For all that you can do to assert your independence, sparking a trade war is not a good idea.”

You say, “No, I just went to barbarian lands instead”

Sehsis nods, that was the only logical course of action after all.

Deonyc nods, “I suppose so.”

Haft enters the hall and steps over to the host to order a drink before turning to look for a seat. His gaze settles upon Deonyc and his companions with an expression that is difficult to explain.

You page, “Actually my RP yesterday with nasrin explains how he feels about deonyc perfectly” to Haft.

Deonyc sees haft enter the tavern and he just kinda looks over, waving.

Sehsis follows his gaze and gives Haft a polite nod.

Haft glances at the door, but he’s already handed over his money for the drink, and so goes and sits himself down next to Deonyc, a bit defiantly.

Nasrin gives a pleasant smile as Haft takes the seat opposite her, and bows her head in greeting. “Hello there,” she says.

Deonyc scoots over a bit giving haft the space they both need for comfort.

Haft says, “Nasrin.”

Sehsis says in a calm, and most importantly, polite and innocuous tone, “It’s been quite some time, I trust you kept well”

Deonyc asks haft, “Nothing spectacular hapoen while I was gone?”

Haft says, “‘Kept’? I wasn’t preserved like salted pork.”

Haft says, “Nothing we can’t handle without you.”

Sehsis’s tone doesn’t change one bit, “It means, I hope you have been well”

Deonyc simply nods but calls for his preffered mug of cider.

Haft’a own cider arrives at the table and he takes a long draw, but doesn’t respond to Sehsis’ clarification .

Nasrin sips from her cup of tea before she asks, “Will you be attending the festival, Haft? It’d be a delight to see you there, of course.”

Sehsis sips his tea, his expression very carefully blank and unreadable at that.

Haft glances sidelong at her, but answers. “Can see no reason I shouldn’t.”

Nasrin gives Haft another wide smile, brimming with friendliness. “It’s always such a fun time of year, don’t you think? I always have enjoyed the festivities.”

Sehsis says in a tone that gives nothing away, “I’m sure your bright countenance and open disposition will liven up the party, oh most chipper of guardsmen”

Haft doesn’t reply.

Deonyc glances around and trouly feels uneasy, he tries to not let it sbow taking a sip of cider instead.

Sehsis quite calmly sips his tea.

Haft finishes his drink, mutters some excuse and departs.

Haft walks into the Anteroom of the Narrow Gate.

You say, “I see time has not changed him”

Deonyc relaxes a bit and moves back to where he was sitting.

Nasrin says, “He’s lovely as always.”

Deonyc glances at nasrin, “Im surprised at your compassion.”

Sehsis says in a slightly sing-song voice, with only a hint of irony, “The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions.”

Deonyc looks at sehsis, “You don’t have to beat a dead horse.”

“Oh, she was magnificent,” raves an elderly woman with rosy cheeks and hints of ginger in her whitening hair. “When she stepped into the hall wearing armor and flowers in her hair, well! She’s always been a bit theatrical, anyone could tell that just on meeting her. But people couldn’t stop saying nice things, and that’s what tells you a person’s character, that is.” <Save Warning>

You say, “Or so a poet once said”

Nasrin chuckles. “We shall see if he cheers up by the time of the festival.”

Deonyc smiles, “There’s only one way to find out.”

You say, “I’m guessing no”

Deonyc gets up from and waves to the two, “I’ve got duty to catch up on. See you around.”

Nasrin waves farewell. “I shall see you around too Deonyc.”

Deonyc walks into the Anteroom of the Narrow Gate.

Nasrin turns to her uncle. “I think I will depart for the night; I have a letter to begin drafting, after all. I’ll see you around too, uncle.”

You say, “Goodbye”

Nasrin walks into the Anteroom of the Narrow Gate.


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