Room 1, Andale


Various boxes are scattered around the room, some are open- they seem to contain various packets. Others are closed. Sehsis walks among them a writing slate in hand, he will occasionally stop by a box, open it and start emptying it, carefully laying out the contents.

Nasrin pokes her head through the now ajar door, before throwing it open and walking in with a flourish. “What a wonderful day!”

Sehsis looks up from his work, “I see you have cheered up”

Nasrin says, “If I say something long enough, it might become true. ”

You say, “That’s the spirit”

Nasrin takes a look on around at all of the stock laid around. “So this is where you’ve been all morning.”

Sehsis nods, “Stocktaking is tedious but necessary”

Nasrin exclaims, “You’d do well to let me know you were here!”

You ask, “Sorry, did I forget to mention it?”

Nasrin asks, “Yes, yes you did. Do you often abandon folk?”

You say, “I don’t think so. You were hardly abandoned”

Nasrin says smiling, “I wasn’t being entirely serious there.”

You say, “No abandonment here”

Nasrin says, “You’re really such a kind uncle.”

Sehsis gives a brief, faint smile and says with just a hint of sarcasm, “There’s no better”

Nasrin says, “Yah. It isn’t like there’s five others for you to compete with.”

You say, “Pah, they have nothing on me”

Nasrin says, “What makes you so confident about that? ”

Sehsis shrugs, “Isn’t it obvious?” he looks down at the half emptied box, “…Now I lost count”

Nasrin smiles sweetly before saying, “Sorry! You didn’t look too busy and I was all myself, so…”

Sehsis raises an eyebrow, “Did I not?”

Nasrin says, “What can I say, you had an air of… an air of relaxation about you.”

You say, “Work smart, not hard. I don’t think it’s necessary to rush about like a lunatic”

Nasrin asks, “Is this everything you’ll be selling then, or is there more?”

You say, “Some things are with an employee of mine, These are just some deliveries that need making here”

Nasrin exclaims, “Oh goody, I was about to say it didn’t look like too much!”

You say, “Ah, don’t worry there is more, just not here”

Nasrin asks, “That’s a relief. Where abouts does this employee live?”

You say, “In the settlement”

Nasrin says, “So that’s what you call this place.”

You say, “It’s the kinder word”

Nasrin asks, “And the unkind word?”

You say, “Nothing that a lady should be repeating”

Nasrin rolls her eyes and clears a small space for her to sit down on. “I can say what I like.”

Sehsis folds his arms, “No, I don’t think so”

Nasrin says, “But my mouth and my tongue are mine and mine alone, and they say what they like.”

You say, “And that is why you are always getting into trouble”

Nasrin asks, “Me, getting into trouble?”

You say, “Yes”

Nasrin says, “I can’t say I’ve ever noticed that before.”

You say, “That -is- why you’re here”

Nasrin asks, “It is?”

You say, “It is”

Nasrin says, “Oh.”

Sehsis waves his hands towards the boxes, “Will you be helping?”

Nasrin says, “I could do.”

Sehsis says, “Excellent” he hands her another slate and points at some boxes, “Count the content. write down how much.”

With a small sigh she slides off the counter and accepts the slate, counting her way through the many items of the box until together, they complete the whole room’s inventory.


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