Stocktaking 2

Room 1, Andale


Sehsis is sat at a chair by the window, he has a notebook open and he seems to be doing sums.

Nasrin peers on into the room, taking a look around, before giving him a small wave. “You need to stop disappearing all day like that.”

Sehsis sets the book down, “Apologies for my life not revolving around you, perhaps you could make yourself useful though”

Nasrin rolls her eyes as she slides on into the room, closing the door behind her. “Ha, ha. I wasn’t saying it should.”

You say, “Oh good”

Nasrin pouts. “Is it so wrong of me to wonder where my favourite uncle might have gone to? Should I not miss him?”

Sehsis nods, “Fair point, perhaps I should tell you where I am going”

Nasrin smiles to him. “Thank you! Oh, how you make my poor little self worry for you.”

You say, “Apologies. Truly.”

Nasrin says, “All is forgiven, as I am a kind soul.”

You say, “Good, now since all is forgiven perhaps you can help”

Nasrin asks, “Help?”

Sehsis nods and indicates some boxes, “If you could sort those out, just…Tidy them up, stack things with each other”

Nasrin says, “Ah, working for you.”

You say, “Think of it more as assisting family”

Nasrin asks, “Is that how you would get out of actually paying me?”

You say, “Of course”


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