Private Letters

Room 1, Andale


Sehsis walks into the room accompanied by Nasrin, “–And if you could help take inventory that would be a great assistance.”

Nasrin says, “Yes, and with enough deserving work comes in kind deserving payment.” She strolls on over to the boxes and opens them up at a normal pace, no longer operating under a slow-down.

Sehsis nods, “Yes, of course”

Nasrin says, “Wonderful stuff.” She begins taking things out of the box and laying them on the floor.

Sehsis nods and starts unpacking a box of his own.

Nasrin takes a writing instrument and begins to note what items are in the box and how many there are. “Exciting, isn’t it?”

Sehsis finishes counting and noting down before replying so as to not lose count, “Necessary is more what I would call it”

Nasrin says, “So I take it you haven’t made a game out of it. ”

Sehsis shakes his head, “I…Cannot say that I have no”

Nasrin exclaims, “They can make things all the more interesting!”

You say, “Really now…”

Nasrin exclaims, “Yes, I was hoping you’d have one! Shame.”

Sehsis shakes his head slowly, as if not really knowing what to say, “…Apologies for that one then”

Nasrin says, “It’s all right. I can make do without.” She takes the next bunch of items out of the box and notes them down.

Sehsis continues to note his own down, now slightly distracted. How could one make a game out of this? It seemed impossible.

No sooner does the thought of games come into mind than it is replaced by her humming old folk tunes as she unpacks and notes.

Sehsis doesn’t seem to mind the humming, in fact in certain songs he finds himself humming along.

Nasrin says after the rendition of one tune, “Ha! You’re singing along. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

You say, “Humming, I wouldn’t subject anyone to my singing”

Nasrin says, “But now you’ve got my curiosity. I’ve never heard you humming, let alone singing.””

Sehsis says with finality in his voice, “I have a terrible singing voice”

Nasrin ventured, “Have you ever tried?”

You say, “Once or twice…”

Nasrin asks, “Care to tell me a story, uncle?”

You say, “There isn’t really a story to tell I’m afraid”

Nasrin asks, “You should be able to relish it into a good tale, uncle. What was it like?”

Sehsis shakes his head, “I’m afraid I can’t, there really is nothing to say it’s not like I’ve ever sang in front of anyone”

Nasrin shakes her head disappointedly. “That’s a shame, I always enjoyed a good story. And a song, too.”

You say, “You won’t get either, since there is no story and I’m not singing, sorry”

Nasrin says, “It’s all right, uncle. I’ll cope. I always do in such dire times.”

You exclaim, “Good to know!”

Nasrin takes out another lot of items from the box and sets it down on the ground, writing away. “You sell a wide variety, I can say that much!”

Sehsis nods, “well, yes I would like to think so”

Nasrin takes out a small box and opens it up, taking out a series of letters.

Sehsis happens to glance over as she does and stands up, “Put those back”

Nasrin promptly does the opposite and quickly skims her eyes through the first of the letters.

Sehsis walks over and tries to take back the letters.

Nasrin tries to keep a hold of the letters, taking one last skim before he manages to grab them off of her. “Sehsis! They’re so… so romantic!” She grins at him. “You’ve got a soft side after all!”

Sehsis quickly puts the letters away in a cabinet and doesn’t catch her eye, “Just…Just forget that ok?”

Nasrin grins at him. “I had no idea you and aunt were /that/ cute together!”

Sehsis tugs on his sleeve, “Right, you can stop this now..”

Nasrin tilts her head to the side smiling. “But it’s adorable, uncle! Do you and aunt still write like that?”

Sehsis folds his arms and looks away, “This is none of your business”

Nasrin inches on over to him. “Why so embarrassed?”

You ask, “Well how would you feel if someone read your private messages?”

Nasrin scratches her chin thoughtfully. “In this situation? Flattered.”

You ask, “What?”

Nasrin exclaims, “Yes, they’d be complimenting my writings!”

Sehsis struggles to get any words out, “Just– It..It’s personal!”

Nasrin pats his back sympathetically. “You shouldn’t be ashamed, uncle. It’s sweet that you’re so close with her!”

You say, “I’m not ashamed, just embarrassed…”

Nasrin asks, “I won’t tell anyone, okay?”

You say, “Yes, good, thank you..”

Nasrin exclaims, “I’ll keep the knowledge all to myself! Of how sweet you are. ”

Nasrin smiles widely.

Sehsis pinches the bridge of his nose, “Will you ever let this drop…?”

Nasrin says, “What am I doing wrong? I’m not shouting it to the world.”

You say, “It’s just…You shouldn’t read other people’s…”

Nasrin asks, “I saw them lying about, and you told me to inventories everything in the box. How mwas I meant to know?”

Sehsis says weakly, “Some common sense…They’re letters…I don’t even know why I put them there”

Nasrin exclaims, “I don’t know if you sold paper or not. That’s a legitimate business after all!”

You say, “I don’t..”

Nasrin says, “Little did I know… Well, at least I know the passions of love is well and alive with my aunt and uncle.”

Sehsis puts a hand to his forehead and sighs.

Nasrin simply gives him a smile before going on to inventories the remaining items.

Sehsis seems relived that it’s over and does the same with his box.

Luckily for him, she opts not to bring it up again during the day and decides to focus on the work laid out until complete.


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