Nasrin Arrives

On the Bank of the Winding Arrow



It had been quite some time spent travelling- By land, not the ideal method but it was all too last minute to charter passage on a boat, so land it was. Sehsis pauses for a moment to get his bearings, not -quite- used to entering the country this way.

Nasrin watches him, before casually remarking, “Are you sure this is the right way?”

Sehsis says with a nod, “Of course I am”

Nasrin exclaims, “Really? You seem like this is all new to you!”

Sehsis waves a hand towards the landscape and says with a roll of the eyes, “Well then, oh great pathfinder, if you know the way why not lead on? Hm, I didn’t think so”

Nasrin says with a small joking smile, “I don’t pretend to know things which I don’t know.”

You say, “Luckily, I am not pretending.”

Nasrin asks, “Which way is it then?”

Sehsis nods towards the north, “That way”

Nasrin asks, “Where does that lead us to then?”

You say, “Coghill, it’s a small place but it’s useful as a rest stop since Andale is over a day away.”

Nasrin exclaims, “Civilisation at last! ”

You say, “Well I’m not sure I’d go that far”

Nasrin says, “I’m trying to remain on the positive side, uncle. ”

You say, “Well, I wouldn’t get your hopes up”

Nasrin pouts and says, “Do you often crush people’s good spirits, or do you only do that to me?”

Sehsis gives a very brief, faint smile, “I save it just for you” he shakes his head, “No this is just my general cheerful and optimistic outlook”

Nasrin looks amused, saying, Yes, you’re the cheeriest of the lot.

Sehsis nods, “Naturally. Shall we get going?” He doesn’t give her a chance to reply he starts to walk onwards.



Coghill Square


Sehsis leads her into the town square, having (allegedly) arrived in civilisation. “And this is Coghill” he says this entirely without ceremony.

Nasrin follows him close to his side, looking on around. She seems underwhelmed. “It’s very… small.”

Sehsis nods in agreement, “It is isn’t it?”

Nasrin says, “You weren’t kidding when you said the ‘cities’ were smaller here.”

You say, “This is…More of a town. Well. A village”

Sehsis keeps trying to manage expectations

Nasrin asks, “Yes, I can tell… Are the villages and towns here all so small?”

Sehsis considers this for a moment then nods, “Yes, yes I would say so. This is about what to expect”

Nasrin says, disappointment in her voice, “I don’t know what I expected.”

Sehsis pats her shoulder, “I did tell you it was small”

Nasrin says, “You did, but you never prepared me for it being -this- small. You can see one end from the other.”

Sehsis gives a sort of half shrug, “Well, apologies for not providing you with census data”

Nasrin rolling her eyes, she says, “Ha ha. What’s this place like then?”

You say, “Small, quiet…Known for stonework and horses”

Nasrin says, “I’m not surprised it’s very quiet. ”

Sehsis says in a sarcastic tone, “I know, I would have thought it would be a veritable hive of activity”

Nasrin grimaces before saying, “So you -do- know much less about this country than you let on. Who knew you could be so misguided!”

Sehsis says in a tone of mock shock, “Ah, you found out my secret- quite clueless”

Nasrin says, “Weeeell, I don’t know if I ever ever have called it a secret in the first place… but hey, you try.”

Nasrin sweetly smiles

Sehsis nods, “I do indeed. Well, it’s getting late, we’ll head to the inn and then continue to Andale tommrow”

Nasrin says, “My eyes are barely open, to be honest. Maybe -that’s- I see so little… civilisation here.”

Nasrin shrugs tiredly.

Sehsis shrugs and says, “Welcome to the barbarian north”

Nasrin exclaims, “Charming!”


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