Culture Shock

Andale Beach


Sehsis walks down the beach followed by Nasrin, he seems to be talking to her, “-And I hope that you’ve been paying attention to the tour because I’ll be sending you on errands later”

Deonyc arrives at the beach, his Hawk resting on a padded shoulder, he takes a sharp left to climb the low ridge of dunes running along the beach.

Nasrin says, “Wait, what? Errands? Since when? Why would you  do that to me? I didn’t sign up to this!” She sighs. “I guess some bits -do- look quite different to the rest? Like here, there’s sand here.”

You say, “No, you didn’t but if you’re going to be staying with me you’re going to make yourself useful. And yes, this is the beach”

Nasrin says, “Who knew I’d miss sand so much.”

Deonyc continues his walk along the ridge, when he is at a good spot he gets a small wooden stand out and places his hawk carefully on it, he throws a practice target on a string out and then takes the hood of the hawk.

Sehsis looks around the beach, “Who knew indeed…”

Nasrin looks on around the beach before asking, “You too?”

Deonyc takes the string connected to the practice target in his left hand, and lifts the hawk in his right, he gives a few twitches on the lure, the hawk gives of a short screech and flies towards the lure, while Deonyc draws it towards him.

Sehsis considers the question then shakes his head, “No, no that is something I don’t miss”

Nasrin says, “Perhaps it’s just me then.” She pauses for a moment to watch the waves against the beach, before spotting the hawk in the sky.

Dalia walks down the beach whistling, stopping to look at a shell every now and again before moving on.

the hawk lands perfectly on the target, and Deonyc runs towards the hawk, separating the bird from the prey, he gives a small piece of meat as a reward to the hawk then returns to the hill.

You say, “The weather, thats something I miss. And the food.”

Nasrin asks, “What about the animals?”

Sehsis grimaces, “I can do without them whatever the country I am”

Dalia shades her eyes against the sun as she draws closer and gives a wave to them all.

Deonyc sits down on the hill and searches for other quarry, not seeing anything worthy to send his bird out on he takes the wooden stand and heads down the dune to the beach to head back to the road.

Nasrin says with a small grin, “You’re not afraid of any, are you?” Noticing Dalia she gives a nod in greeting.

Sehsis frowns, “What kind of question is that?” He follows Her nod and, on spotting Dalia gives her a wave.

Deonyc sees the group and decides to head over, he gives a wave and a “Hello.”

Nasrin says, “A simple one.” She returns Deonyc’s wave as he walks over.

Dalia pushes a stray hair behind her ear as she nears the group, “A good day to you all!”

Sehsis seems reluctant to answer that oh so simple question, “Good day to you Dalia”

Deonyc turns to Nasrin, “Not to often that people come here, just going for a walk i assume?” the hawk ruffles its feathers and resettles.

Nasrin says, “Hello to you too, Dalia.” She turns to Deonyc and nods. “Yes, I’m being shown a little more of the country and my uncle here decided the beach would be lovely at this time of day.”

Deonyc says, “It is truely nice when the weather is fitting.”

Nasrin says, “For once, the wind isn’t so cold.”

Dalia says, “It is lovely today.”

You say, “Fairly nice yes”

Deonyc asks, “Dalia how come you came to the beach?”

Dalia holds up her basket, shaking a little. “Shells, I thought mistress Lana might appreciate some.”

Deonyc says, “You can make nice pieces of art if you arrange them in a slab of clay, and then let them harden.”

Nasrin asks, “Mistress Lana?”

Dalia nods to Deonyc, “If not, my siblings may.” She turns to speak with Nasrin, “My employer, Lady Astera’s daughter. She’s quite a little dear.”

Nasrin says, “Ah, so you would be her nanny.”

You ask, “I thought you were a maid?”

Dalia says, “No. Just a friend.  I’m maid to Lady Astera.””

Dalia nods, at Sehsis’s question, “That’s right.”

Deonyc asks, “Have you ever gone Hawking?”

Sehsis shakes his head, not sure if the question was aimed at him but answering it anyway.

Nasrin says to Dalia with a smile, “Oh, back home in my own country we had one too!” She turns to Deonyc and shakes her head. “Was that your hawk earlier?

Deonyc says, “Yes I need to exercise her for the fall when i plan to go hawking a lot, i hope i will have the time.”

Dalia tilts her inquiringly to Nasrin’s reply, “Really?”

Nasrin exclaims, “She flew so majestically! Does she have a name?”

Nasrin nods to Dalia. “That’s right! My parents went into a profitable business, and they eventually decided to go and buy one from the auction. Heh, my father says my uncle over there was working at that auction house on the weekends with my granddad.”

Deonyc says, “Her name is Aria, i got her early this spring, and she has been doing great so far.”

Dalia takes a small breath in. “Oh….I see.” She says somewhat taken aback.

Sehsis says thoughtfully at Nasrin’s words, “I might remember that…It was some time ago though”

Nasrin says, “It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful bird.”

Deonyc smiles, ‘She really is a very beautiful bird, you can hold her if you like.”

Nasrin continues smiling, not particularly seeing anything wrong with what she just described to Dalia. “Wasn’t that the first place you started working in, uncle?”

You say, “Yes, with father.”

Deonyc politely asks, “I still don’t quite see how people can make a business selling other people, it doesn’t seem right to me.

Dalia says, “”I see…” She replies, to Sehsis answer. Then hesitates, opening her mouth, and then closes it. ”

Nasrin looks at the hawk’s talons warily. “I wouldn’t know how to hold her.” She shrugs, glancing between Deonyc and Sehsis. “There’s a problem with that?”

Sehsis shrugs, “They seem to think so here, I personally don’t really see the issue but they’ve banned it here”

Dalia clears her throat, glancing at Deonyc and shaking her head slightly.

Deonyc glances at the sky, and says to himself “I should get going” he starts heading towards the road, “Good day to you.”

Dalia sighs and bites her lip, “Good day…Deonyc..”

You say, “Farewell.”

Nasrin seems rather disheartened, if anything, by Sehsis’ explanation. “That makes no sense.” She bids farewell to Deonyc.

Sehsis shrugs again, “Cultural differences?”

Deonyc walks up the slope to the Beach Road.

Dalia nods to Sehsis, she takes a breath. “We’re all free subjects of our King here.”

Dalia says, “No one owns anyone here. ”

Nasrin asks, “Really? There’s nothing like that at all here?”

Dalia nibbles her lip, looking a bit uncomfortable and shakes her head.

You say, “It’s just one of those things”

Dalia says, “Lady Astera and Lord Tyren are my Master and Mistress, but I freely joined service andI take pay home too my family. I should have…I didn’t think…I’m sorry, I didn’t make that clear earlier.”

Nasrin shakes her head, saying, “No, no, it’s okay. I understand that.”

Dalia hesitates, “Alright…” She says, her left hand dropping to her side to toy with the embroidery around the cuffs.

You say, “I probably should have mentioned this to her before hand to avoid misunderstandings, it just slipped my mind.”

Nasrin raises an eyebrow skeptically. “But that’s what you -do.- How can your own job slip your mind?”

Dalia nods to Sehsis, “It is …understandable.” She replies, trying to train her face towards her usual pleasant composure. Glancing down, she digs at a shell with the toe of her shoe.

Sehsis seems to notice Dalia’s discomfort, “Perhaps a change of topic is in order”

Nasrin nods. “It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?”

Dalia nods as well, “I think I saw a merchant in the market selling walnut glazed pastries. I was going to get one, would either of you like one?”

Nasrin exclaims, “You’re too kind! ”

You say, “Hm, yes that could be nice”

Dalia says, “Would you like to come…or?””

Sehsis looks to Nasrin, “Do you wish to go?”

Nasrin exclaims, “I’m up for it!”

Sehsis nods to Dalia, “Then yes”

Dalia smiles at Nasrin’s exclamation and nods, “alright.” She starts making her way over the dunes back to the castle.


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